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How Good Are Buy-to-Let Profits in 2019?

Buy-to-Let (BTL) investors in England and Wales make an average of £80,000 selling on their properties – before tax. And in London, the average pre-tax profit on a sold BTL property is a whopping quarter of a million (£248,120). That’s according to figures from top estate agents Hamptons International released this week. So […]

How Will Brexit Affect The Pound?

Theresa May is expected to continue talks with EU leaders in the coming days, after MPs backed a new proposal for her to renegotiate her Brexit deal. So where does the pound stand so far amidst Brexit? January has been noticeably dominated by the Brexit proceedings, following a couple of […]

Your UK Passport – Important 2018 Update

Rules affecting your UK passport changed – October 2018 A change affecting the renewal of UK passports was introduced on September 10th, but not formally announced by the Home Office. Until now, travellers renewing their British passport would have any remaining time on their old passport added to their new […]