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Achieving financial freedom in the current climate

During times of crisis, working towards your financial goals may seem like a difficult task. Senior Associate for Holborn Assets Cyprus, Ian Woodcock, spoke with Russian TV World about achieving financial freedom in the current economic climate. RTVW: I understand that Holborn Assets is a well-established company in Dubai.  What […]

Brexit: How to Prepare for Your Retirement

Brexit – it’s a word that has dominated the headlines since the UK voted to leave the EU in 2016. Since then, it is a word that has created more questions than it has answers. Boris Johnson has made it very clear. The UK will leave the European Union on […]

The Cost of Raising a Child: 0-17 Years Old

It’s no secret that having children is expensive but you might not realise just how expensive. Whether it’s supporting a child through university or helping them on to the property ladder, the cost to parents after the age of 18 could be as much as £85,000 – But what about […]

How to Remortgage as an Expat

Fixed rate, tracker, standard variable – todays mortgage market has more products than ever and finding the right one requires extensive research. Remortgaging is no different, it requires careful consideration. In a nutshell, remortgaging is where a new mortgage is taken out to either replace your current mortgage or to borrow money that […]

How Good Are Buy-to-Let Profits in 2019?

Buy-to-Let (BTL) investors in England and Wales make an average of £80,000 selling on their properties – before tax. And in London, the average pre-tax profit on a sold BTL property is a whopping quarter of a million (£248,120). That’s according to figures from top estate agents Hamptons International released this week. So […]

Should Gen X Be Concerned for their Financial Future?

From baby boomers to Millennials, every generation has different financial needs. Generation X – or Gen X – are the most influential consumers in the UK. This may seem like a bold claim but this is based on a 2018 study by Experian. Born between 1966 and 1980, Gen X earn, […]

6 Months Until Brexit – Where Are We Now?

It’s coming up for 3 years since the first Brexit referendum. The UK has yet to leave the EU and may never do so. Uncertainty continues to prevail. If you are a UK expat, make sure your finances are Brexit-proof (and non-Brexit proof!) by speaking to an IFA.   So when is […]

How Will the New Tax Year Affect Your Pension?

The new UK tax year began a fortnight ago on 6th April 2019. So how will the new tax year affect your pension? Well it’s good news. If you receive a state pension or pension credits, you will get more. And, if you are auto-enrolled with a work pension in the […]

How to Make the Most of Tax-Free Earnings

Expats have plenty of spending options to enjoy – thanks to their earnings being free of taxation from their country of origin. (Except for US expats, notably.) But expats also generally know that there’s a bit of a trap in play with tax-free income. It goes like this: You leave […]

Can You Marie Kondo Your Finances?

Spring clean your personal finances with Marie Kondo! In the UK, the clocks have gone forward and the season of Spring has begun. It’s time for a financial Spring clean. And why not take some celebrity tidying-up tips from Japanese “organising consultant” Marie Kondo?  “Tidy your space, transform your life.” […]

What is Off-plan Property Investment?

xOff-plan investment is an exciting and flexible option for private investors that is gaining in respectability worldwide. Both the UAE and the UK offer established sectors where private investors can gain excellent, long-term returns (in exchange for some risk, of course). And, in South Asia (particularly Vietnam), there are emerging markets that offer great […]

5 Tax Considerations for Expats

Looking to become an expat? Holborn Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) in your new country of residence can help you out. All international Holborn offices offer a no-obligation financial review to new expats.  Financially, there’s so much to get sorted out when becoming an expat. Not only do you need to […]