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Achieving financial freedom in the current climate

Senior Associate for Holborn Assets Cyprus, Ian Woodcock, spoke with Russian TV World about achieving financial freedom in the current economic climate.

Brexit: How to Prepare for Your Retirement

An estimated 70,000 British expats are living in Cyprus. With so many UK expats retiring in Cyprus, the future of UK pensions is a hot topic.

The Cost of Raising a Child: 0-17 Years Old

As childcare costs continue to rise, it's no secret that raising a child is expensive but you might not realise just how expensive it can be.

How to Remortgage as an Expat

In a nutshell, remortgaging is where a new mortgage is taken out to replace your current mortgage or to borrow money that is secured against your property.

How Good Are Buy-to-Let Profits in 2019?

Potential landlords have been put off the BTL sector in the UK because, over recent years, it has been hit by government tax raids.

Should Gen X Be Concerned for their Financial Future?

From baby boomers to Millennials, every generation has different financial needs.Generation X – or Gen X – are the most influential consumers in the UK.

6 Months Until Brexit – Where Are We Now?

It’s coming up for 3 years since the first Brexit referendum. The UK has yet to leave the EU and may never do so. Uncertainty continues to prevail.

How Will the New Tax Year Affect Your Pension?

Good news for your pensions. If you are auto-enrolled with a work pension in the UK, you and your employee will be making bigger contributions.

How to Make the Most of Tax-Free Earnings

Enjoying the expat lifestyle is all to the good. But it burns through cash. Can you find a way to spend money that will reap financial rewards?

Can You Marie Kondo Your Finances?

Assess your entire financial picture and get rid of anything that no longer makes any sense (or “sparks joy” as Kondo puts it).

What is Off-plan Property Investment?

Off-plan investment is an exciting and flexible option for private investors that is gaining in respectability worldwide.

5 Tax Considerations for Expats

Managing your tax situation is the key priority for new expats. Maybe you are leaving your home country to take advantage of lower income tax,,,