Sam Ebbs

Sam Ebbs

Senior Partner

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +26 207111


Sam is an accomplished and professional Wealth Manager and has been with Holborn Assets since 2005. Sam specialises in wealth creation and prides himself on paying close attention to detail, allowing him to deliver on promises and continuous quality service.

His role is to facilitate the aspirations and dreams of his clients. As an independent financial planner, he looks at the whole of the market available to expatriates and represent only the best interests of my clients. Sam strives for excellence and has built his business based on a full and detailed understanding of what clients are looking to achieve. His deep understanding of Wealth Management and Financial Planning principles means that the solutions offered are custom-built; not "off-the-shelf." People differ in many ways. And it is only by a full understanding of each individual in their entirety that the best financial solutions can be put together.

Using the practices of defined risk assessment and relationship to reward, portfolios are developed that will deliver performance over time in line with an individual's risk profile. Based on the level of risk a client wishes to take and their full understanding of what risk means, portfolios are optimised to manage individual's wealth in the most effective way.


  • CII: AC1, CF1, CF2, CF3, RO1
  • CISI: UAE Financial Rules and Regulations, Certificate in Wealth Management
  • BA Sport and Leisure Management, Loughborough University, UK

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