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How Will Brexit Affect The Pound?

Theresa May is expected to continue talks with EU leaders in the coming days, after MPs backed a new proposal for her to renegotiate her Brexit deal. So where does the pound stand so far amidst Brexit? January has been noticeably dominated by the Brexit proceedings, following a couple of […]

Time to switch insurance?

Is it time to get a better deal on your insurance and other key household bills? Three out of every five Brits switched providers last year for at least one of the top ten most common financial products. The word is out that, when it comes to financial products, a […]

Brit expats demand more paperwork from EU (!)

Post Brexit White Paper, British expats living in the EU face fresh anxiety over their right to stay put – with EU member states accused of being slow to support expats in achieving the right “residency formalities”. Paperwork, in other words. And the problem is (ironically, some might say) that […]